why is this board so empty?

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4 years ago#11
rumbalumba posted...
^and why am i seeing names i have never seen before? where are the peeps who are used to be here? XD

I'm still here...
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4 years ago#12
rumbalumba posted...
no hype whatsoever?

because there's nothing that great about the game it reeks of mediocrity.

-Cast is lame
-Its a Smash clone which people have played for years so its a bit tired.
-Doesnt bring much new to the table.
-would be better if it was a Smash clone, with ring-outs and more items, and just more polish in general. Feels like a bare-bones smash clone with a sub-par cast, and the "super meter KO" just for the sake of being different.
-Lack of marketing/hype from sony, Feels like even they don't believe in it.
4 years ago#13
Yeah we're just now getting out of the null void created by the delay. Looks like we're about to pick back up with events and showings.
4 years ago#14
Busy with school and work.
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4 years ago#15
... empty? Every single thread on the main page was made today, and the board is still #4 in the PS3 rankings. You have a weird definition of the word "empty".
4 years ago#16
because only 20 characters lol
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4 years ago#17
While I don't agree its empty. I haven't really posted much in the past couple of days, though. I am getting bored and the amount of troll topics and repeat topics we have gone over are so very monotonous. We just need new info...
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4 years ago#18
Im here at least. But yeah EB Expo confirmed only 20 characters at launch. Paul Gale is still trolling as usual, and this game is becoming medicore as the days go by..
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4 years ago#19
What do you mean "empty?" The front page of topics span less than eight hours.

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