Wait. Why are people saying Omar confirmed 20 characters?

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  3. Wait. Why are people saying Omar confirmed 20 characters?
4 years ago#1
i just watched the whole interview people were talking about. He never said "This is the final roster, 20 characters" or any of the sort. Gamespot did bring up the question, this is how it went.

Gamespot: Alright so is there any more characters sort of planned down the track or?

Omar: Umm, not that ill be talking about right now.

Ok he said none that he will be talking about RIGHT NOW. So if there were nothing else to talk or show about characters, wouldnt he flat out just say no or none or no plans or something?

Here is a link to the interview, watch all the parts. i like some of the info we did get though im excited.


Please anyone correct me if im wrong.
4 years ago#2
DLC. That is all.
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4 years ago#3
He also mentioned that there will be 20 launch characters, so hes talking about the DLC characters in that quote.
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4 years ago#4
Denial for awhile~
4 years ago#5
Ok because i keep seeing people on here saying 20 and thats it, supposedly Omar said 20 is the launch roster which is fine. but people need to stop acting like its the final. Omar said himself Superbot will always keep trying their hardest to get all the characters people want.
4 years ago#6
AndKevinBacon posted...
Denial for awhile~

??? what?
4 years ago#7
That part of the interview is cut off in part 3.
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4 years ago#8
There was a completely separate question where he was directly asked about 20 characters:
I wrote down directly what he said to several questions here:

Here's the question and his response:

How many characters will be in the game at launch?
"Our launch roster is 20 characters. The 20 characters available today in this demo are the characters that will be in the game at launch."
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  3. Wait. Why are people saying Omar confirmed 20 characters?

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