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3 years ago#91
lobono posted...
Toro's stance outfits change with his costume..neat.

Yeah, that's pretty awesome. Not to mention that the Toro player did pretty well
3 years ago#92
Oh lord was the Kratos player nerdy as f*** lol.
3 years ago#93
Toro Trollin
3 years ago#94
Toro is just freaking amazing.

Ouch, that Sly owned him.
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3 years ago#95
That 3P Kratos forward triagle spam

Come on dude
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3 years ago#96
Yeah, the Toro player lost his game during the last 2 matches
3 years ago#97
Murray minion was unlocked at the end of that match.

A shame about the Toro player though. He was doing pretty good.
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3 years ago#98
Some good matches ! Who y'all got in the final? Imma go with Unicorn seed
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3 years ago#99
360elitekid posted...
Some good matches ! Who y'all got in the final? Imma go with Unicorn seed

3 years ago#100
Man, why did this make this ffa and not teams at least?

Teams seems much more legit, then ffa for competitive sh*t....
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