Superbot say DLC will be fan demanded characters

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4 years ago#31
I want wandrer from SOTC
If this game wasn't gonna be sick; then I wouldn't be posting on this board, guy. Long story short.... THIS. GAME. IS. GONNA. BE. sick.
4 years ago#32
I want Dart Feld from The Legend Of Dragoon

He would be my automatic main
That does it! I have had it with these mother****ing trolls on this mother****ing board!!! -mercuryblade09
4 years ago#33
mister_mic posted...
I want Demi-Fiend

That would be cool.
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4 years ago#34
As long as I see no Kat, Cloud, or Sora, I'm fine.
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4 years ago#35
What about Lammy? Anybody remember her?
4 years ago#36
They NEED to get a JRPG rep. Their is so much to choose from that is important to the PlayStation brand.

Persona (Heck P4G is the only thing selling the Vita at the moment lol)
Breath of Fire
Final Fantasy (Preferably FFX, FF7, FF8, or FF9)
Star Ocean

I would preferably choose a Persona rep but the others are good too. Btw just to let people not get the wrong idea yes Snake and Crash would be fun to.
4 years ago#37
Hey! >:(

Don't make fun of Abe! He was a childhood friend of mine during my Gaming days with the PS1! Along with Crash, Lara, Shyna(Watch as 95% don't know her), Sir Daniel Fortesque, Spyro,Gex, Croc, and Bugs Bunny(Guilty pleasure here but I enjoyed Bugs Bunny in Lost in Time).

And only Dan made it in ;_;. I could give a crap about Bugs for obvious reasons but if Abe made it in then he won't be alone.


Yes other than the big three that I mentioned(Spyro, Crash, and Lara) I played some non mainstream and obscure games during my PS1 days.
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4 years ago#38
I really want Kiryu Kazuma to be in it.
4 years ago#39
So, release with a not-so-good roster just to put the best characters for DLC? Lame play, but I'll buy the DLC for sure xD
4 years ago#40
I'm hoping Asura will be DLC this game is just begging to have him in it
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