People are whining about there being 2 Coles?

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rumbalumba posted...
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I agree...if there were many characters...then I would be upset...and I don't buy rumba's 'wasting' slot is seemingly wasted in this game...peoples peceptions and rose tinted glasses of nostalgia make them want their favorite character in..and because they are not..they look at an easy target to justify their desire to be angry....and they look at..the two clone characters who aren't clones they are just the same character but play differently.....

People these days are just a tad too that we have DLC confirmed...there's no wasted slot..because there are now infinite slots avalible...all depends who they can secure and gain permission to use.

wow are you stupid or what?

nostalgia has nothing to do with this game, because Playstation fans have been asking for this game for more than a decade now. It has become nostalgia because Sony has refused to make a Smash Bros. game for the longest time. the desire to play as Snake has been there before MGS4 even came to be.

Not one Playstation fan has waited 12 years to play as Big Daddy opposite Fat Princess. no one. and no one asked for this emo Don'te. there is a lot of wrong with this game, and people like you putting SuperBot on a pedestal amidst very questionable roster choices disgust me.

"yeah, let's use the excuse that this is the 'first' game therefore let's compare it to all the other 'first' games each game has had, meaning games from 15-20 years ago" shut up. this is 2012. and no developer should have a twisted mindset of "this is the first of a series, therefore let's not put our best foot forward for there will be more opportunities in the future anyway". every dev has to strive to make the best possible product. why? because all games, superior or inferior, are priced the same: $60. 2 Coles is a wasted slot, because Sony has other first-party characters that people want represented, but SuperBot went ahead and put two Coles anyway.

I've got you pegged. You're one of thosepeople who think that you're opinion is the only right one. There's no way anyone else could possibly have a correct viewpoint that's different than yours, right?
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Cosmic_Coyote posted...
At the very least these are different characters people liked with similar moveset

In this we get the same generic baldy with different moveset

IMO this is worse I prefer different characters with clone or semi clone moveset over the same character twice

Okay...what? This makes no sense. At all. First, you'd rather have clone than two different characters who play very different? contradicted yourself. Smash has several characters who are the same person with the same moveset. Only ones who are different are the Star Fox guys, Falcon/Ganon, and Ness/Lucas. Then you've got Dr. Mario, Toon and Young Link, and Pikachu/Pichu, who you can't argue are different because they're from the same family of Pokemon. If it was Pikachu and Plusle or Minun, then you could argue it. Different family, but still cloned like Pichu.

...Wait, why did I just bother responding to that? I must be too tired to think straight...
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RTruthLILJimmy posted...
Are we just gonna forget that the almighty Smash has Toon Link, Young Link, Pichu, Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, Falco, Wolf, Lucas

Ummm...who the hell ISN'T complaining about SSB clones?

SSB clones AND multi-separate Coles can kiss a rock for all I care...

I see a fault in clone characters regardless of if its "Almighty" SSB or PSAS. My bias is against the fact that ONLY InFamous gets a second rep (and the same person at that) while NO OTHER Sony IP present got another character.
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You posting this topic makes you just as bad as the whiners.
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This has seriously been debated to death.

There's 2 Coles in already. Get over it.

The character I, and most everyone else wanted, did not get in, and I'm over that.

And for ****'s sake, THE 2ND COLE DID NOT "STEAL" A SLOT!
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TheOpen posted...
That's exactly why people are upset about there being two Coles - we all thought that Battle Royale would be above that cloning bullcrap. Evil Cole really let the side down, but hey, you can blame Sucker Punch for that.

Evil Cole is less of a clone than the Smash Clones are, though. Especially the Melee ones.

Evil Cole is more unique than Brawl Ganondorf.
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NDgamer1122 posted...
And for ****'s sake, THE 2ND COLE DID NOT "STEAL" A SLOT!

Hang on, without him, there'd be 19, which wouldn't work for rivalries if I'm not mistaken.
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It's like Link and Toon Link in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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Yep superbot took the easy way out. Bad roster made worse with a touch of evil. Smash has all the great characters in their roster so clones don't stick out as badly. Lol sony ponies, get ready for pricy dlc to repair this travesty.
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Irokou posted...
Yep superbot took the easy way out. Bad roster made worse with a touch of evil. Smash has all the great characters in their roster so clones don't stick out as badly. Lol sony ponies, get ready for pricy dlc to repair this travesty.

What in the devil are you talking about? That makes no sense. They have great characters, so it's okay for them to have lazy-developing clones?
I'll make a big enough ruckus for everyone.