People are whining about there being 2 Coles?

#41Robot_SoopaPosted 11/8/2012 12:06:22 AM
NewMoonShadow posted...
Brawl was the third game in the series. By the third game the roster for any fighting game is larger than the roster for any first-game fighter will ever be... as long as it's not the cheapest third game in the history of fighting games.

Gotta bring out the BS alert on this post.

Same thing happened with people trying to compare TOR to Vanilla WoW.

I don't care if this is the first game. This is 2012 and if it's in competition with something it's Brawl. Not 64. Not Melee.

They have the same technology (actually even better) than Sakurai and his team had when creating Brawl.

They don't get to stand next to 64 or Melee and get a free pass on everything.