Why do the Dante haters act like they won use Dante?

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Ragiroth posted...
I don't even get how he looks ANYTHING like Edward. The face in that one mugshot picture from forever ago SORT OF looked liked Edward but besides that I don't see it. And while I don't read or follow Twilight, from what I've seen in ads and right now just looking up pictures he's never had similar hair or worn a similar outfit to New Dante.

I guess I will agree that I feel like his moveset could've been better. This is the problem with taking characters from unreleased games I suppose. But then again the two weapons he does seem to use is Enryx (think that's how you say it) and Aquilla which haven't been revealed yet. Enryx are gauntlets and we have plenty punchy people in the game already. And Aquilla is supposedly a glave and glaves are meh.

Who cares if he does? Robert Pattinson is a good looking guy. Considering his popularity, he doesn't even need to try to get laid with any hot girl he wants.

So how is that an insult? It's so laughably stupid that they think it's offensive when it's really just a compliment.

"Hey look, new Dante looks like that hot guy that has millions of fangirls!"
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If you look in recent trailers, NT nerfed Donte's skinnyness.

In the Vergil trailer he's wearing a wife beater and he looks about as built as early Dante.

Hell, DMC4 was the only DMC where Dante looked buff. The rest he looks pretty skinny.

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-BrokenSpiral- posted...

No, see, what was wrong is that he had the audacity to group me with some of the most vile disgusting deviants on the internet for a completely unrelated term because he finds it annoying.

He needs sorting.

I understand where you're coming from now. I'm sorry for being quick to judge.

Thank you, sir. All water under the bridge now.
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T_l_M_B_0 posted...
I will beat Dante's arcade mode for the trophy, then likely never touch him again. It would be the same for me even if it was old Dante.

This. New Dante is equally lame as old Dante.
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Dante isn't in this game.
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Minamo posted...
Dante isn't in this game.

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Minamo posted...
Dante isn't in this game.

Yes he is :p
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Etnad lovers....The worst kind besides COD Fanboys.
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TrueKirby posted...
Etnad lovers....The worst kind besides COD Fanboys.

so having an opinion is being a COD fanboy? I HATE COD but like new Dante
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Because I wont. He will however be a training dummy.
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