So characters have rivals, but who are their friends?

#1TheOpenPosted 11/12/2012 6:28:39 AM
Seeing Sir Daniel bow down to Fat Princess in the intro made me think that this game could've had a friend system among the roster too. Seems like a bit of a missed opportunity doesn't it? Maybe for a sequel we can see a match in Arcade mode where a character teams up with a best bud for some 2v2 action.

Anyway, who would you pair up as buddies in the roster? Parappa and Toro would get along I think, seeing as how they're both Japanese creations, both animals and have a pretty positive outlook on life. Radec and Evil Cole could revel in each others twisted nature. Nathan Drake could trade wisecracks with Daxter. Who else?
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Well if you really watch, a lot of characters could potentially have this:

Drake and Jak because drake kicks ratchet like he's defending Jak
Sly and ratchet: sly kicks drake in revenge for him kicking ratchet
Heihachi and nariko: Heihachi jumps in and throws Dante (narikos rival)
Sir Dan and Fat P: Sir Dan protects her
Kratos and good Cole: Kratos knocks sweet tooth's chainsaw from him before he get Cole
Evil Cole and Radec: Radec tries to attack sir Dan after he wards off evil Cole
Spike and toro: spike and his ape interrupt heihachis attack on toro
And idk for the other six

I know a lot of these are a stretch but its a plausible idea
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The obvious answer is their minions.
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