In your honest opinion, do you think this game will be better than Brawl?

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MrKiry posted...

Zapdos is soooo cute!<3
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From: MrKiry | Posted: 11/13/2012 3:54:15 PM

Definitely this.
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I'd say it could surpass Melee:

It's supported by FGC and MLG and the game was ,ade with a competitive mindset unlike the Smash series.
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NoLimitWinMugen posted...
I liked the beta more then brawl

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I could never get into Brawl for some reason. I had more fun with this beta than I ever did playing Brawl.
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This is better to me XD
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NO way in heck.
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Melee is no better than brawl
just saying,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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jeremy21642 posted...
The online will be better than Brawl.

This, but the gameplay? Not so much.
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MegaSTV posted...

Brawl has iconic characters that everyone loves and its only real limitation is the platform it is on.

The SSB Franchise simply draws from a pull of more memorable characters than the the playstation franchise can hope to.

brawl has link,mario,pokemon and maybe donkey kong but to say that chars like marth,olimar and ness are iconic is pure ignorance dude. Also stay on topic we are talking about the gameplay, not about the chars
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