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Spike is the new Radec... (Archived)boy_luck104/9 10:02AM
So I played around with the update and... (Archived)Pootbird24/9 5:35AM
Oh man Isaac feels so different now. (Archived)
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holysquid224/9 3:58AM
Is there any frame data for this game around? (Archived)latimaster44/9 2:00AM
So basically, Drake is now the best character in the game (Archived)
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boy_luck144/9 1:10AM
it's hilarious (Archived)Dark_MetalSonic24/8 11:57PM
So what's the first impression consensus on Kat now? (Archived)Ludacris0154/8 11:50PM
Dante can still empty cancel. (Archived)CommittedComet104/8 11:10PM
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This is why this community is garbage (Archived)blazin64074/8 9:53PM
Did they do anything to Kratos at all? (Archived)RealSlyCooper64/8 8:51PM
Isaac got absolutely DESTROYED. (Archived)
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SS-Tier174/8 8:50PM
Issac is bottom 10 from top 3 (Archived)KnucklesIX34/8 8:26PM
Ratchet after the patch... (Archived)darkcloudrepeat54/8 7:32PM
Add me for 2v2 (Archived)bossmanzay24/8 7:15PM
How badly did they nerf Sly? (Archived)
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Sir Dan now has a TOD / 175 AP burst (Archived)Lil-Yuri44/8 6:50PM
Sir Daniel still falls if his shield breaks while blocking :( (Archived)ImDyinSquirtle34/8 6:31PM
It's amazing how SSM have literally bent the universe with this patch right now. (Archived)IcyFlamez9664/8 6:13PM
We should show our appreciation for this patch. (Archived)BluBlue464/8 5:49PM