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Patch should be here by April 10th due to Spring tournament! (Archived)gameghy55564/5 3:59PM
ps3 online pass respected on vita, but vita online pass not respected on ps3? (Archived)Xbox-36O24/5 2:35PM
New to the game. best way to get better? (Archived)
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PikaWowzers15254/5 10:05AM
Game hangs on online connection attempts. (Archived)Edalb_Zero64/4 9:10PM
If this patch fixes nothing else... (Archived)Stanger515084/4 1:24PM
How is this game? And online boosting? (Archived)
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Friendly competition help (Archived)
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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Spring Tournament at The Runback (Archived)LluaZarg54/4 1:12AM
The Reason I Have Never Once Been Hyped For The Patch (Archived)XDarkMethod74/3 9:04PM
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YR: Dart and Abe are added in the patch (Archived)KingDeadpool44/3 7:18PM
My favorite part about this patch is that (Archived)gameghy55514/3 1:14PM
How many bugs do you think the new patch will have? (Poll)PielordX64/3 9:59AM
Please explain something (Archived)Einixe64/3 8:31AM
Questions.. (Archived)brutalhits94/3 5:19AM
Seth Killian no longer working for Sony Santa Monica (Archived)
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Q_Blah164/2 11:14PM
We should being getting some patch notes today (Archived)
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gameghy555124/2 12:27PM
Someone explain this tier list please (Archived)Davidgrayman74/2 8:45AM
Need some tips or videos on using Drake (Archived)SuperSaiyanSonic34/2 7:31AM
Knack (dlc character ) trailer (Archived)marioparty1794/2 7:27AM