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its me crashbfan (Archived)
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I was gone for over a week (Archived)gameghy55544/19/2014
10 Characters for the Roster ACCORDING to your first 10 PS1 Games/experiences (Archived)ShinWesker74/18/2014
Ratchet has an impossible combo in the tutorial. (Archived)RealSlyCooper24/18/2014
This is the voice of Sweet Tooth (Archived)Davidgrayman24/18/2014
"Sir Dan is OP as f***!!!" (Archived)Stanger515044/18/2014
Anybody got an extra online pass? (Archived)SS-Tier44/17/2014
I haven't checked this board in awhile (Archived)Davidgrayman84/17/2014
So I put in my earbuds and played using the Rocky IV soundtrack... (Archived)Stanger515054/17/2014
So did they get rid of Ratchet's suck cannon kill confirm? (Archived)
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How much space does this take on Vita? (Archived)ArroganceMalice24/17/2014
Helpful Links? (Archived)TerrorriskX64/17/2014
Teach me SLY - hitconfirms? (Archived)ShinWesker64/17/2014
lol they patched all the characters and missed the most important thing (Archived)GundamRed64/17/2014
God I just remembered why I never look at the comments Youtube about this game (Archived)
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Does anyone have any ideas about the new tier list? (Archived)
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Anyone want to 2v2 with me? (Archived)Jevans130614/16/2014
One online glitch I never understood. (Archived)PyroSpark54/16/2014
I taunt after every kill. (Archived)CaioNV44/16/2014
ZEUS! Why have you forsaken me??? (Archived)Final_Tran44/16/2014