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Sir Daniel still falls if his shield breaks while blocking :( (Archived)ImDyinSquirtle34/8 6:31PM
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We should show our appreciation for this patch. (Archived)BluBlue464/8 5:49PM
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A couple of things they forgot in the patch that I'm very disappointed about: (Archived)taoxadasa44/8 3:29PM
damn, kratos is still too powerful after the patch (Archived)Xbox-36O44/8 2:48PM
Overall, I'm happy with Sly's nerfs (Archived)Stanger515034/8 2:45PM
What have they done to Dantizzle!? (Archived)Novally84/8 2:40PM
Top 5 changes you'd want for your mains? (Archived)
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LanceDrake364/8 2:35PM
The game has changed. (Archived)TheJButton14/8 1:41PM
Is the game freezing for everyone else? (Archived)Lil-Yuri14/8 1:38PM
Some of these changes are wack. (Archived)GuitarJester8994/8 1:00PM
My observations of Sweet Tooth changes (Archived)LanceDrake44/8 12:43PM
my first match after the patch and games still freeze at the start shaking the (Archived)Xbox-36O14/8 12:22PM
Playstation All Stars: The Ultimate Update Trailer! (Archived)IcyFlamez9634/8 11:36AM
OMG... game freeze twice in ranked... (Archived)DJPLACE24/8 11:30AM
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