First DLC Characters Revealed

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Wait a minute...I just got baited..hahaha *sips coffee and ignores Lume and Babbies*
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chocolatemc42 posted...
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chocolatemc42 posted...
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I NEVER thought character DLC would ever be free.

So it's completely free for the first two weeks. Excellent news. This means people that were waiting for the GOTY version should just get the game now as you actually save money.

I was wondering why Superbot admitted to DLC so early. So they knew what they were doing.

No, I can simply download them free before getting the game, thus enabling a wait and see approach.

Yeah I forgot about that. So that means anyone with a PS3 or acess to one when it comes out has no excuse if they can't secure it in 2 weeks.

Honestly outside of Kat, there were characters with non-stop requests.


Some that were Sony owned and made no sense to ignore

Gabe Logan

Honestly if at least 2 of those 9 aren't released, I won't be investing.

The first 5 are beyond Superbot or Sony's control so they don't count. Also lol @ Lightning being highly requested. Replace her with Sora. These characters do have a chance but it's completely up to those who own them.

Superbot doens't have control over first party IPs either, they still need permission. They've said this several times. Sony is a bunch of private islands, not one big united entity.Team Ico I believe didn't want their characters in for artistic reasons. Gabe and Dart have a solid chance though.
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You are right i am wasting time. Time at work. Wow, its nothing. Anything else that you would like to add that doesn't matter?
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LuminescentRule posted...
Fact is those 2 characters are from games that didn't even break the 300k mark.

I actually agree with you, except that Kat was highly requested. Maybe her game would have been more successful as a PS3 game. Maybe the point was to make a popular character bundled with one no one cares about.
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From: UltimaXOmega | Posted: 11/15/2012 12:10:55 PM | #145

owned by Square Enix
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I feel sorry for people whose lives are so empty and pathetic that they have to go to threads revolving around a game they don't like and attempt to spin positive news like this in a negative way.
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wow, because of 2 users this great topic went to hell

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I just found out about this, and I am overjoyed. I'm not even a fan of Gravity Rush or Starhawk, but two free characters? AWESOME!!!
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From: iLovebabes | #143
You are right i am wasting time. Time at work. Wow, its nothing. Anything else that you would like to add that doesn't matter?

yeah that you should "waste" that time enjoying the things you like instead of wasting it in things you dont, just a friendly advice for your life
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