First DLC Characters Revealed

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4 years ago#181
Nice! I'm actually surprised that they chose those two characters. I never would've expected it. No Crash or Spyro that's for sure but whatever.
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4 years ago#182
LuminescentRule posted...
iLovebabes posted...
LuminescentRule posted...
Excalibur0123 posted...
LuminescentRule posted...
Next year? That's lame. And where are the characters that are actually wanted?

I don't know how long you have been here but, these are characters people actually wanted.

People wanted Emmet Graves? Do most people even know how he is? And Kat? How many people played Gravity Rush? Not a lot going by salea of Vita games?

people wanted her because shes a strong women like myself and my waifu. That kinda stupid stuff.
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And yet, they didn't buy Gravity Rush...

Ok people didn't buy a handheld for one game. People didn't play strider games but wanted him in mvc games, there are people who didn't buy infamous that like cole, there are people that didn't buy or even know who sir dan was yet he's in as well. The logic that you people come up with doesn't make sense. Why can't people just like and want the character, why is playing said game needed? Besides the game not selling well is the vitas faught, gravity rush sold as well as it could given the install base.
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4 years ago#183
Mind = Blown
4 years ago#184
This cant be life.
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4 years ago#185
This is awesome...and not only are we getting characters for free, we're getting story modes, trials (most likely), etc...
4 years ago#186
I didn't like Starhawk's gameplay, but the concept was great and I can't wait to see how Superbot adapts it to All Stars.

As for Kat, Gravity Rush is one of the reason's I'm considering getting a Vita. I played a demo and really enjoyed it so I'm excited for her too.
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4 years ago#187
I bet Kat sucks sadly
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4 years ago#188
pretty glad Superbot did this. This game is going to be OK.
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4 years ago#189
Eh, I don't care for either character, but it's free. Can't complain.
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4 years ago#190
So I guess the more popularly requested characters at this pont are shoo-ins at some point?
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