First DLC Characters Revealed

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Never heard of kat till i came to gamefaqs but her moveset sounds like it could be unique n i only kno emmet grave is from star hawk but these are FREE dlc which is awesome kudos to superbot now i just want snake & dart & i'll be happy lol
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That may sound a little tricky, so let me be clear: once Kat and Emmett are finished, we’ll put them up for download. They’ll be totally free for two weeks. The only limit is that you have a two-week window to claim the characters. Once you have Kat and Emmett, they are yours forever. That may sound like a lot to remember, so don’t worry, we’ll be back closer to their release to remind you of all these details.

In other words, it's going to be either paid dlc after those two weeks or they won't be available to anyone anymore. Lame.

Free? BUT ONLY FOR TWO WEEKS? How greedy, there is no God. Burn all copies of PSAS

Why don't you read previous posts?

They are up for download for 2 weeks - you can download them even if you don't have the game. Once you get the game after 1 month or whatever, visit your downloads list and just re download them.

OH MY GOD why are people so blind to trolling,
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