So only 2 black characters in the game and they're both DLC?

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Kat isn't black.
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superbaboonmanX posted...
kat is darker skinned then i am and i'm considered black... therefore kat is black

By that logic, Hulk Hogan is also black.
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Shadow2790x posted...
From: kuwab0 | #021
Kat doesn't even look black.

From: IcyFlamez96 | #025
Kat isn't black... She isn't proven to be anyway


She's not black.

What makes a person "look black" then? I'm sorry, but I'm black and her skin is the same level of brown (if not a little bit darker) as me.

She's a mix of French and Black to me.

This is just like how on the Pokemon boards people go "is Iris black?" all over again.
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Don't waste your time with some of the users on this board.
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Kat is not black, she is tan. Black people cannot have the hair color.
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I'm pretty sure Kat is not black, she is tan. At least their is a black person in the game so quit complaining, or just don't buy/play the game.
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Only like 5 human characters either, who cares
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Unless she's an albino black.
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StormBlitz posted...
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From: taoxadasa | Posted: 11/15/2012 2:00:05 PM | #004
Kat is black?


No, she's tanned.

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Don't really care, but the official response (from a Japanese only article I read from creator a while back). Someone literaly asked if she was black. They said she wasn't black and was drawn tanned to contrast with Raven who they made very pale.

Also they don't speak French, but French influenced the Heksvilian or what ever they called it. So you could say they are a imaginary race of distant french people XD.
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