DLC announced before the game is even out and people are praising it?

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DarkFists posted...
the1being posted...
No the TC is right, they should delay the entire completed game until Spring just to add two characters ....... Said no one ever

But then he'd be complaining about any future DLC anyways :P

Unless it was from Nintendo, then he would praise it
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TC failed too damn hard.
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This might be the biggest fail I've seen on this board.
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There are 2 kinds of DLC:

1. The kind that makers that was already finished on disc, but taken out of there games, locked, and just to resell it to the player.

2. The kind made after, or as there making the game to add on to the experience for the player.

I don't like #1, however I'm fine with #2, I'm also hoping Kat and Emmett are #2, and SuperBot are just ambitious about them.
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it doesnt matter if its free or not or if the characters where done before or after the game was released its DLC part of the business now either you buy the game or you dont if you buy the game either you buy the DLC or you dont but in this case if you havent heard ITS FREE
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dude_meister512 posted...
It's free brah.

For two weeks only brah.
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They're doing DLC the way I've always believed it should be. No complaints here.
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Yeah, it's pretty awful when they try to sell you DLC before the game is even out. I mean, if they made it free that'd be another story, but this is unacceptable. Twelve years dungeon. All of you.
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Toadster9001 posted...
dude_meister512 posted...
It's free brah.

For two weeks only brah.

Then it's your own damn fault if you miss out and end up having to pay for the DLC instead.
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