Any hope for a final fantasy character in this game?

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You want ff rep? Go play dissidia, n00bz

I wonder if square will release a new dissidia for PS3. Or make 012 HD for PS3 with more online lobbies

Didn't Square say they were done with Dissidia? That if they continued the crossovers it wouldn't be fighters anymore? I always figured Theatrhythm was the spiritual successor to Dissidia, even if it's not the most ideal one... a 012 HD on PS3 would be AMAZING though. I wish PS3 could play the PSP games you buy on the store.

Oh, I'd actually heard that they were interested in doing a console-based Dissidia. Tough to tell, though - maybe what I'd heard was before 012?

If they're done doing crossover fighters, that's a real shame. Dissidia was great, I just really wanted a 4 player mode and it would've been INCREDIBLE!

I still think Square should do a Smash Bros-style game, though. : >

I think I heard somewhere also that they were finished with dissidia, which is a huge shame since a larger roster and on an HD console would be the dream of every fan of final fantasy. But it really would be great if they would make an HD remake. I'd play it all over again for that.
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