BotC Recruitment thread!

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4 years ago#411
But.... but.... but.... he's spamming meeeeeeheeeeeee!

It's not fair! He's abusing the power the devs gave his character!
4 years ago#412
Tai, last I heard you weren't a 12 year old COD kiddie, cursing through his mic :P An excellent clan
Katawa Shoujo = GOTY 2012
4 years ago#413
O... I'm gonna get mommy if you don't stop being meanto me :(
4 years ago#414
Hahah, oh wow, this is going nowhere.

You up for some 2v2, Tai? I could use a few more belts. An excellent clan
Katawa Shoujo = GOTY 2012
4 years ago#415
Watching a documentary on Jonestown. Such an intriguing story.

Oh, what am I even saying, you guys don't care! Time to hit that pause button, and GAME GAME GAME!
Great clan, forum, and community, do check us out!
4 years ago#416
Ah right, Jonestown. Gruesome story, that. Knock on wood, drink some kool-aid.

You online right now?
4 years ago#417
Not me right now, oging to bed, see you guys toorrow! An excellent clan
Katawa Shoujo = GOTY 2012
4 years ago#418
Cya Goles.

Woopz, you up for some 2v2, then?
4 years ago#419 game...... Any and everyone is welcome to join!
4 years ago#420
Morning lads, I see Mav is in an even worse condition than usual. Head's up, lad; it'll be weekend before you know it!

Gonna try and get better wit hNariko today. I like her falling sword attack, but I think I might be overusing it. An excellent clan
Katawa Shoujo = GOTY 2012

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