BotC Recruitment thread!

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4 years ago#421
Well, judging from our bout yesterday, you used it way too much. After the first 3 tries, it was apparent, andI just blocked my way to victory.

Pls don't be so predictable.
4 years ago#422
Hmmmm, yeah, I should be more flexible in combat; change tactics up, adapt to what characters the others are using. An excellent clan
Katawa Shoujo = GOTY 2012
4 years ago#423
Do thta, Goles, no one likes a spammer.

Wanna team up later today? I'll roll with Radec, who should complement Nariko just fine.
Great clan, forum, and community, do check us out!
4 years ago#424
Long range, short range.... awesome!

Unless it's on Invasion. As much as I want to like that stage, it's way too uneven for Radec. An excellent clan
Katawa Shoujo = GOTY 2012
4 years ago#425
Especially on the Intruders at the start of a match. I loved the scenes involving them in KZ2 and KZ3, but they're way too wobbly in PASBR. Makes me seasick :P
4 years ago#426
The campaign in the second game was brilliant. The one in the third? Not so much.

Also, Beachhead <3 An excellent clan
Katawa Shoujo = GOTY 2012
4 years ago#427
That map was AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME! Too bad it was part of an overpriced DLC map pack.
4 years ago#428
6 Pop for 2 reworked tracks from the original Killzone..... nope, there's better deals out there. An excellent clan
Katawa Shoujo = GOTY 2012
4 years ago#429
KZ2 still has an active but really tiny community.

Looking around here, does the board seem to be slowing a bit? Any and everyone is welcome to join!
4 years ago#430
Dudes, did you see the new images of the DLC?! Looking sweeeeeeet! An extra stage is a lovely bonus to what was already a great package!

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