Getting the game tonight, what do you guys what to see?

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Calibuhrr posted...
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Calibuhrr posted...
Some local store nearby is selling the game today. I'm gonna pick it up early and tell you guys anything you want to hear. I have a capture card.
Would you guys like to see...
all the costumes?
a full playthrough of Arcade mode? Who's arcade playthrough do you want to see?
alternate intros?
alternate taunts?
any other things you want to see? I'm not gonna cut off anything I'll just show you guys the real, unedited things that are really in the game.

Hey what's the name of the store? Because I remember that both of us are from the 207

Bull Moose Music. There's one in Scarborough, but I'm going to a different one. Scarborough might have it though, idk

Which one? I checked the windham one n they didnt
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Turn on Controller 2 and tell us if you can have two local Users logged in at once like Borderlands 2. With seperate stats per User file.
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felica posted...
Nariko Breakdown.

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I want to see the boss fight!
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