Just got the game... taking questions (SPOILERS)

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Could you please tell me what Flea Market in Toronto you got it from??? I'd love to pick it up today...

Hwy. 27 and Albion. Dr. Fleas. Get there before 5pm. Call him first, 416-801-1667

Lol I'm tempted to go there. It's an hour or two away from me.

But nah, I can wait. Plus it'll probably be sold out by now.

Call him. If he has any left he can hold it untill tomorrow. $65 flat no tax since he already figures it in..
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So tell me.the ending of heihachi
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How many general and character specific trials are there? What are they like?

What's in the Extras option?

Just character bios, EULA and credits. Alright I'm gonna start playing now, but I' going into practice mode with the default roster (I'll post the default roster in a bit; meaning excluding anyone who may start out locked). If you have any questions about a character, just ask and I'll pop into practice mode with them since I'm getting used to the game.

What are EULA's?

Also can you please answer the combat trial question? How many are there for generic and specific characters? It's the one thing we know next to nothing about.

EULAs are just legal stuff that are in every game manual, don't pirate, don't hack, etc.

- The are 84 Combat Trial Goals in all.

- Each character has a set of trial goals per difficulty (HERO, LEGEND, ALL-STAR)

- General CTs are stuff like completing blocking drills, avoiding level hazzards, etc. There are 10 of these.

Wait between all 20 characters there are 84 combat trials? So like 4 trials for each character?

That doesn't sound right........

Actually, i dont think each character has their own trials. I think its more like Smash Bros. Melee's Events mode. they are just challenges with special requirements to win. If it is this way, i like it. I loved the events mode.
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So tell us, after playing both, Dante or Raiden?
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Correction on Combat Trials:

Each character has 23 specific character trials. I was mistakenly reading the goals count under customization.

So to clarify 23 trials PER CHARACTER. 84 Goals under customization. I believe that means 84 customization options to unlock in all.
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is crash in the game?
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Yeah, I just looked at Kratos' list and it's stuff like use super 1, super 2, dodge this guy's level 1 super, gain your AP only using square attacks, etc
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Is there really a custom soundtrack option?

Nope. None that I can see. The level music seems like techno-fused mashups of the characters trademark tunes. Just heard this eletronica mix of the Uncharted theme.

So you cant go to the XMB midgame and listen to your own music? :(

Why is this so damn important to people? Am I the only one with working laptop speakers? Do your TVs not have mute buttons?

Why the hell would I want to drown out all the sound effects??

Oh and hi majora.
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Are the girls in this game any good?
Im asking this because im a girl gamer and no i wont share my Psn with you :)

Shut up.

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is crash in the game?

I don't see anything about unlockable characters so no. Maybe DLC?
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