Just got the game... taking questions (SPOILERS)

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There is no menu for custom soundtrack. All you have to do is press the PS home button and got to the playlist. If the game supports it.
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Can you confirm or deconfirm if there is a King of the hill or capture the flag mode?

Im thinking no since absolutely nothing has been said about it but it was a big rumor going on and "Confirmed" by the Pal gal.
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The New Blueguy posted...
Correction on Combat Trials:

Each character has 23 specific character trials. I was mistakenly reading the goals count under customization.

So to clarify 23 trials PER CHARACTER. 84 Goals under customization. I believe that means 84 customization options to unlock in all.

Nice sounds great!
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23 per character? Awesome,I hope they're fun!
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Does snake appear in raidens story?
Is there an option to edit colors of characters?
Can you choose the rival stage or final boss stage online and offline?
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ITP posted...
The New Blueguy posted...
blaze19_0X posted...
How many general and character specific trials are there? What are they like?

What's in the Extras option?

Just character bios, EULA and credits. Alright I'm gonna start playing now, but I' going into practice mode with the default roster (I'll post the default roster in a bit; meaning excluding anyone who may start out locked). If you have any questions about a character, just ask and I'll pop into practice mode with them since I'm getting used to the game.

Lol, you obviously are new around here.

There are no unlockable characters or stages, they made it that way for the crybabies in the fighting game communities that don't like single player.

Yes! thank you! Those "hardcore" gamers that just like to pick up and play.
My question is, is there a story mode? and if so, why the hell isnt ANYTHING unlockable
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I remember what I wanted to ask!

Can you take screenshots? It's usually under the Photos on the XMB if you can. Or maybe there's some way to in-game.
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Raiden vs. Dante

Regular combat attacks: Raiden
Supers: Dante

Overall: Raiden

He just puts so much more damage out based on his speed in his attacks compared to Dante, who relies more on the range of his flashy gun attacks to keep you away. I'll say Dante's Supers are better overall though.
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ok since u didnt answer me on heihachi tell me about the icons does third party franchises have icons and if yes how many?
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Which flea market?!?!

I'm actually from Toronto, myself.