Name a Final Fantasy classic character to be in this game! :D

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Vincent Valentine would fit in perfect.
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Why do I have to pick just one?
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What do they all have in common? All should have been in Dissidia 012.

I agree, Rinoa should have been in 012 so they could have ruined her.
Not that it's possible to ruin a character that's already terrible of course.

:O How can you say that!? Rinoa's an amazing character!

Rinoa's Meteor Wing is amazing, but as a character...I still wonder if there was a gass leak in his dorm or if Zell was slipping something in his potions. Because honestly, over Quistis or hell possibly Selphie?
What the...? Are you kidding me? Seriously?!'s your opinion.
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Let's see... to follow the spirit of the game, it needs to be a FF character who has never appeared on a Nintendo or Microsoft system. That alone eliminates the casts of I-VI and XII-XIII, along with anything from FF Online "XI" or "XIV", as well as characters in Theatrhythm or non-PS2/PSP Kingdom Hearts (Wakka, Selphie), and that's just for the USA.

Following on that, Tifa, Laguna, Ultimecia, Kuja, and Jecht are the remaining Sony-exclusive Dissidia characters who can be here... depends if you want guns, magic spam, or a male or female brawler.

Other cool characters include Barret, Rinoa, Irvine, Beatrix, Steiner, Auron (only in KH2, so he still passes), Paine (again, only KH2), and Kimahri.
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