You know what's honestly surprised me?

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Toro deserves a spot, without a doubt. He has a good moveset and is adoreable. The only ones complaining are the idiots that complain that Sora isnt in this game.
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When he was first announced I was a little annoyed, but I'm fine with it now. My appreciation for him was renewed when I heard about all the licensing headaches - he was probably one of the easiest characters to get the rights for. XD

Plus he seems pretty charming, and I like the idea behind his fighting style, with stance-changes giving you different moves without completely changing your moveset. : D

They didn't have to get the rights considering he is created by Sony.

They still had to get permission from whoever created him/developed his game.

It's not like Media Molecule would've tolerated a sackboy armed exclusively with a chainsaw spear who was a close-range character like Raiden.

We also saw how pissy Suckerpunch got when Superbot only wanted Good Cole.

But he is made by Sony, not another studio.
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But that doesn't mean they didn't have to get permission to use him.
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