PSN ID Thread

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4 years ago#21
4 years ago#22
My PSN is taoxadasa

Yeah, just like my username. :P
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4 years ago#23
pixel378 posted...
holysquid posted...
PSN: HexagonalZebra

Do I have you already? I vaguely remeber having that ID as a friend already but don't know, I also might have deleted you if I did since I deleted people I didn't know awhile ago.

Mines jrange378 ill be playing this a lot, I have a mic but I don't normally use it because I hate hearing people talk into my ear and not out of my TV.

I don't recall.
PSN: HexagonalZebra
4 years ago#24
PSN: caveman092
GT: cvBeardedBandit
4 years ago#25
PSN: Duxtape

add me! I have like no PSN friends.
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4 years ago#26
Mines be dis her:
wow..I almost forgot it on account of acting stupid above =S ^^^^


INVITE ME. I also LUUUV SSF4 but obviously dumping him for PSABR...for now
4 years ago#27
PSN: CoffeeMugger15
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4 years ago#28
PSN/Steam: CrowDieSlow
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4 years ago#29

Feel free to add me.
4 years ago#30
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