With the game out.... Post your mains!

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4 years ago#21
If i want to win, sackdemon, marth(spike), and raiden (ehhhhhh, im a bit iffy on his OPness. I find it hard to believe that raiden will be so powerful after blocking and grabbing are remembered. Not to mention sackdevil is everyone's weakness). Now dont get me wrong, i like these characters, just not as much as the more average characters. Sackmonstrosity can be pretty oppressing.
If i want to play with characters that dont rip people(not noobs who dont block or dodge with timing involved) new ones, I play raiden, dante, cole, and heihachi (surprisingly).
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4 years ago#22
4 years ago#23
4 years ago#24
One does not simply state a negative opinion on GameFAQS without being called a troll.
4 years ago#25
Was gonna main Spike but i dont like how the others are throwing him around like a ragdoll. Now i'm maining Jak. Square Forward! Dominating!
4 years ago#26
Main: Dante.

Though I have a hard time using him in FFA matches.

Secret Weapon: Radec.

Use him in FFA and TM when Dante can't get the job done.
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4 years ago#27
Jak and maybe Ratchet

level 300 Jak already lol
1. MODOK, Shuma, Strider
2. Raccoon, Shuma, Taskmaster
4 years ago#28
Sweet Tooth

Yes, I'm the only one.
4 years ago#29
Raiden and good Cole.
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4 years ago#30
Sly is my best character and my main.
Dan is my next best. Love him to death.
Toro is my third.
Then Spike.
Who would win, Jedi Charizard or Jedi Jigglypuff?
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