Fat Princess story is very offensive to us girl gamers (SPOILERS)

#21MurderShyPosted 11/22/2012 2:20:21 PM
Go Back To The Kitchen
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God I hate how offensive most games are when the main character is male! They're always good looking and/or are ridiculously fit/muscular!

*sobs in corner*
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Trivio posted...
So she used to be a beautiful princess? Okay for one, why must all princesses be beautiful? Why not just a normal decent looking girl, why must women always be considered "beautiful" and if we are not beautiful, we arent decent looking... nooo we are ugly then.
She is addicted to cake and her only reason for going on an adventure is to find cake and eat all of it and she is fat (mocking pregnant women anyone?).
At the ending she gained some sort of weird power after fighting and eating cake, you could obviouslty see all the characters looking perverted to her, because she is a girl... girls arent just eyecandy.

Im a girl gamer and im offended by this whole character, her ending and start are horrible, why does a girl need protection from her minions? Why cant she fight alone?

Offended girl gamer.

dont you listen to dubstep? everyone knows that b!tches love cake
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ToroStationMeow posted...
Snovvbub posted...
Get back in the kitchen and make some cake.

Don't tell him/her that, he/she will gobble it all up and you won't get even one crumb!

She better not, or else I'm going Evil Cole on this b*tch.
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I find this topic offensive to my sanity.
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Trivio taking advantage of all the new people that aren't aware that he/she's a troll, I see.
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Eat Broccoli. Eat right.
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Holy ****, quit waiting until this is halfway down the first page and pointing out they're a troll, just leave the topic, end it, let it die. Jeez.
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ArmedDragoon posted...
Trivio taking advantage of all the new people that aren't aware that he/she's a troll, I see.

So, Trivio IS BigKahn?
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#30vital_tundraPosted 11/22/2012 2:41:35 PM
Let's not forget that Fat Princess was created by a female... So if you must get angry about it, blame your own sex.
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