20 playable characters in the first game is not enough? LOL

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3 years ago#51
rumbalumba posted...
xZick posted...

Besides, I have literally never heard of Smash, ever, until I saw people complaining about how this game was similar to Smash.

what the...i don't even...

yeah dont worry!! im calling 911! we will get you out of there! we wil rescue you! hang in there!
3 years ago#52
True, those games were released a long time ago and we weren't that used to humongous rosters back then. Still, I feel that PSASBR's launch roster of 20 characters is just perfect. The characters have turned out more unique and varied, and in this day and age they have the opportunity to boost it with DLC. Which they obviously will take advantage of.

Today, for a new team of developers, 20 starting characters is a nice, round number.
3 years ago#53
LuminescentRule posted...
DirtyToenails posted...
20 is perfectly acceptable when the devs make their playstyles all completely unique and interesting.

So, you'd be happy with 20 Coles as long as they play differently?

I don't know what you're getting at...

I dont even...

3 years ago#54
Didn't Mortal Kombat only have seven playable? Reptile, Shang Tsung and Goro were all bosses.
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3 years ago#55
have you owned a PS/PSone?
how about go to a friends house to play games on their playstation 2 with them.

Sure it's something to make 20 characters with no freaking clones like Ken/Ryu/Akuma etc but ALL-STAR means ahm . . . maybe many more than 20?

I mean why not put a Patapon unit or uber hero in it? Why not put more girl characters in it to feed fan service needs?
It's already lame that they lack cinematics for each of the characters stories and rivals etc but the more the merrier right?

OR MAYBE THEY NEED MORE $$$ in order to add characters that's why.
3 years ago#56
KevoCSCS posted...
Fighting games need to stop compensating for their lack of quality and good ideas by just giving us rosters the sizes of small armies.

Post of the year.
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3 years ago#57
Well I am fine with 20 but I would've loved to see Crash, Spyro, MAYBE someone from Final Fantasy...but for the first game it is quiet good. Also the argument: no new characters so they should've made more...first Smash Bros had no original characters but characters from the Nintendo franchise...why no Kid Icarus in the first place for example? No Meta Knight? No Mew/Mewto, Dr Mario...and so on and so forth.
I'm actually more than happy that the characters are kind of unique unlike other games (Ken/Ryu, Mario/Dr.Mario).
Oh and..the current Blazblue has around...what? 20 Characters and it is still fun.
3 years ago#58
Pinoy441 posted...
LuminescentRule posted...
Am I back 15 years in the past?

From: ToroStationMeow | #010
And you have to take into account they made each character from scratch on a limited budget.

Yeps. Kratos was a character created for this game. A completely new character...

Name a new fighting game IP that has over 20 chars in its first game

Go ahead i'll wait while you google some obscure game nobodies heard of and claim that it was good.

Dissidia had a little over 20.
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3 years ago#59
Blazblue CT is 12, not 16.

Ragna, Jin, Noel, Tager, Rachel, Bang, Taokaka, Carl, Arakune, Hakumen, V-13, Litchi.

They added 3 new characters in CS, excluding the DLCs, and put theose DLCs + relius in CSE.
3 years ago#60
Street Fighter X Tekken has quite a few. And yes it counts since it was previously conceded that X-Men Vs. Street Fighter started the Vs. series, not X-Men: Children Of The Atom or Street Fighter Alpha.
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