20 playable characters in the first game is not enough? LOL

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It's 2012. Soon to be 2013.

We expect more than just 20 characters. We're entitled to more than 20 characters.

Anything less is considered laziness.
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I believe the issue is that most of the chars in PSABR are not the characters people actually wanted, especially crap like that cat character and all the stupid shooter game characters. We are missing Snake, any FF representation, any AC representation, and so on and so forth. Of course now that DLC has been confirmed to be coming the point is moot.

FF character- Has been on more than just Sony
AC character- Has been on Microsoft company as well. fail

Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken and BioShock aren't Sony exclusives either. Fail indeed.

Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry and Tekken all used to be though

*sigh* I'm fully aware of this... My point was that his logic for FF and AC rep being poor choices is flawed, not that the third-party characters already in the game were poor ones as well.
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theres only 19 characters. i dont count cole twice.
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Flownaway86 posted...
I think 20 is OK. Would have been better with 24 at start, but anyway.

Why start with 24 when you can start with 20 and release 4 'new' characters as DLC?
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MewtwoEx posted...
Not to mention they all had limited memory to add more characters, SSB was going to have at least 16 or more, b ut the N64 couldnt fit them in

No, I don't actually believe that.

SSB was, what, a 16 MB cart? When N64 carts went up to...what, 64? 128? I forget what the largest cart was. Which means they could have done 50 characters easily; possibly 100. (In fact, based on some google searches it doesn't look like they even used the full 16 MB on the SSB cart).

Fighting games just don't use up that much storage space for the actual gameplay elements. Stages are tiny compared to most games. Animations are limited to usually just attacks and hit reactions--in the typical fighter you won't need to animate stuff like swimming, diving, climbing ladders, pulling up from a ledge, opening a door, picking up an item off the ground, etc. (With the exeption of unusual fighting games like SSBB and PASBR, which do have several of those animations).
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BigKahn6 posted...
It's 2012. Soon to be 2013.

We expect more than just 20 characters. We're entitled to more than 20 characters

If you're willing to wait that long.
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Pinoy441 posted...
stevenbob posted...
umvc3 36
sfxt 25+ new characters
mk9 22+
so basing it off other 3d fighters it has the least amount of fighters
stop using sprite based fighters as a defense on its small roster

compared to every other 3d game its actually not bad

We're talking about the fact that its the first game in the series

Those games aren't the first games in their respective series

you know what you are right they are not but you know what they are the first game in the series to use 3d if they were 2d you can bet the amount would be less

you know why sprite games take so long because you draw them
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They had better quality characters. This has a lot of derp. Also this is 2012.
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BigKahn6 posted...
It's 2012. Soon to be 2013.

We expect more than just 20 characters. We're entitled

Stopped reading there.
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20 characters isn't enough...that's why we're having DLC trololol
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