IGN's 20 DLC characters they'd Love to see

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Chzrm3 posted...
rumbalumba posted...

tell me where SuperBot have said Team Ico didn't want Ico or Wander to be in this game. 'cause i never saw one interview or forum post about that subject, only fans assuming things.

They said it at the LA Beatdown event. They were drinking and got really candid about a bunch of stuff, and that was one of the things that came out. Also Omar hates Paul Gale and called him a fraud. XD

that's just unreliable.


if you're talking about that thread, NOWHERE did it say Team Ico said no.

also, one of the quotes also read, "as for the final boss, you won't be disappointed."

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I feel bad that I only knew one character, but I would definitely play as Toan.
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I just remembered, Tomba should be in the game too.
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Zen_Zarab posted...
My list was similar to that one. :)

01: Blasto with Space Babe (Blasto)
02: Maximilian with Monica (Dark Cloud 2)
03: Ostrava with Maiden in Black (Demon's Souls)
04: Yoshitsune with Benkei (Genji: DotS)
05: Kingsley with Bad Custard (Kingsley's Adventure)
06: Rau Utu with Tati (The Mark of Kri)
07: Ico with Yorda (Ico)
08: Dart with Rose (Legend of Dragoon)
09: Jaster Rogue with Kisala (Rogue Galaxy)
10: Gabe Logan with Lian Xing (Syphon Filter)
11: Rudy Roughnight with Cecilia Lynn Adlehyde (Wild Arms)
12: Jen with Scree (Primal)
13: Vahn with Noa (Legend of Legaia)

Might as well add my Level Mash ups.

01: Dead Nation/Field Commander - Zombies Vs Army,
02: Echochrome/Escape Plan - Most mind ****ed level ever made.
03: Folklore/Jumping Flash - Robbit taking down some Folks!
04: Jet Moto/Overboard! - Jet Ski's racing around an island, then Bam! Pirate Ships!
05: Motorstorm/Journey - Desert, Travelers, Sand Buggies and Big Dog.
06: PixelJunk Monsters/War of the Monsters - Defend the Forest from the True Monsters.

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This might be a crazy thought...

But a rumour going around that there will be 4 DLC characters at the same time. Could one of the extras possibly be Dart? IGN did, and still might, have insider information about certain aspects. Seeing as he was a pretty highly requested character from a first party game that still sells well on the PSN is a bit weird to omit.
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Traveler, Gabe, Rudy and Nathan Hale are good picks.

Wander would be great too but zero chance of that.
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All of a sudden.. I really want joel (lastofus). I can see him working like a great character even without guns something that will be rare in hes own game. Using pipes, bricks and bows etc instead. And it would fit with what we have seen from the last of us sofar.
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It's an alright list. I think Alundra, Toan, and Scarlett are probably my favorites.
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I know he may be recent but i think Finn would be a great charcter as DLC
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omg ign thats not alundra this is alundra
and i want to play as him so bad lol
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