Okay so...I only know who 30% of the characters are?..questions?..

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ZDrifter9000 posted...
No, it's their JOB to make GAMES not money...thats a silly example, I mean Naughty Dog or who ever owns Crash Bandicoot now ect..could of just said ''sure man, you can use crash in your game we would be honoured'' *high five*.

But instead it's ''You pay me Xmillion amount of dollars that I don't really need now!'' (Because i'm a greedy mofo with 6ft deep pockets...)

ACTIVISION owns Crash. They are notorious for being giant jerks. For example,

Forcing Beenox abd High Moon Studios to work on two games at the same time with tiny dev time.

Buying the Guitar Hero team Red Octane then stopping the production of GH games
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You guys realize the third party characters are only in the game for advertising their new games, right?

Oliver w/ Drippy and Tales of Xillia char DLC pls
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But instead we are getting Big Daddy for no reason at all specially when Bioshock wasnīt even on PS3 till a long time after Xbox got itīs release (and somehow is Big Daddy...

Whether you agree or not, do you realize that Bioshock has been placed at the top of several lists like "top 100 video games ever" by major game reviewing companies?

I'm not a big Bioshock fan. I think the game looks impressive and has a fantastic atmosphere, but it's just not what I enjoy. Still, you have to recognize the impact Big Daddy made on the gaming industry....

#3: http://www.g4tv.com/top-100/397/bioshock/
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lightdragoon88 posted...


Getting all these characters would bankrupt Superbot before they even get half of them.

-Sigh...- What has the gaming industry become these days?..whatever it is, it's not like it used to be...these money hungry Human beings..Fat pocketed CEO's they just want more and MORE money, like spolied children..they no-longer care for the Fans like they used to.

Pretty much.

But again, a successful game with a sequel plan would make them more willing to hand the rights over.
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Activision was probably extremely stingy with Crash and Spyro, seeing as how Sony sold them both before PS2 released.
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Aw, how cute. He thinks businesses aren't in it to make money.
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And by the way to the guy who commented about living under a rock? can you blame me with characters like Fat Princess comming from the once great playstation company?

On the contrary, Fat Princess was actually a very well made and addicting strategy game.
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