Does PSABR have the most black people in a fighting game roster?

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Capitan_Kid posted...
Crabhammar posted...
Parappa the Rapper is black on the inside

Forgot about him. Kratos is black on the inside too. Thats four! Take that!

How is Kratos black on the inside? Just because he's violent?

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Street Fighter x Tekken had Balrog, Dudley, Elena, Raven and Christie.
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I know they are black because of the "ghetto" language..its how they talk....and i am not use to hearing things like that...
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You guys do understand Kat is not black/african american? How does anybody even believe this? She has blonde hair... -_-
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Here we go again.
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Capitan_Kid posted...

Dude... let it go...
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Here we go again.
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ZeroBeats Ghost posted...
Street Fighter x Tekken had Balrog, Dudley, Elena, Raven and Christie.

Christie isnt black. Elena maybe. I thought she was hispanic
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Shaq Fu.
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Toro is black
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