why did they make nariko pause halfway through her square-square-square combo?

#1Retroxgamer0Posted 11/29/2012 1:30:35 AM(edited)
it was such an idiotic decision, do you know how sad it is when im sweet tooth and i just stand there blocking and i get a nariko mashing square, then i just fire off my lvl 1 super after she does her crappy kick and she dies instantly? all shes good for is grabbing, and firing off her lvl1 which is much too slow. such a poorly designed character imo. its really sad because i wanted to like nariko, but she is too weak/easy to read, anyone with half a brain can kill her by herself in a 1 on 1 unless her partner does something way better than her in a 2v2. i actually wanted to main her since day 1 but shes one of my least favorites, because she sucks pretty point blank, she sucks.
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i hope she gets the biggest buffs of every char in the game when they patch it, cause she deserves them all

buff lvl1 make it faster

buff lvl 2 by slowing down rate of fire and giving it a close range move where the current deadzone is

buff lvl 3 and make her move faster, so its not useless on large stages
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Are you xChaos?
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He reminds me of this guy I used to know called Warrenmats.
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I like her so far I can usually punish people. Why do I feel like I played you today?
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you dont agree? she feels like she wasnt designed properly. her moves are just very easy to punish on blocks, none of her supers are onpar, you can just stand ontop of her on her level 2, her aerial is ok but most of it is on grabs, even on the ground the best combo ive seen uses grabs which are easily broken in 4 player matches, esp free for alls. if you disagree feel free to point out where im wrong, but the best combo ive seen uses grabs which do not generally work well unless 1v1 which might possibly be her worst setting to try and hit her level 1.
#7solidoutlawPosted 11/29/2012 1:27:14 AM
It lets her dodge a direction. It basically lets her make her stuff safe.
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