I want to know your opinion of my Sackboy play.

#21hajile12Posted 11/30/2012 9:47:12 AM
The whole thing about sackboy is that his most effective style of play seems to be skillfully spamming projectiles while hiding in a corner behind electric traps and getting multiple level 3's. And his level 3 is agreeably broke.

Anytime i c a sackboy online i cant help assuming that that is the tactic that they are going to use. And then i realize that i cant get too mad bc that tactic seems to be the most effective. Its a chore trying to defeat a sackboy who is actually good at that seemingly cheap strategy. But it is the most effective and when done by the more skilled players , it uses most of sackboys move-set.

A character whos most effective tactic is seemingly cheap is not the type of character that i would want to play with and i would not want to play against one either. I fought way to many annoying sackboys already!

My main is Jak and i hope that don't buff him. Bc if he becomes cheap then i will have to drop my favorite character on the game.
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rlaur2 posted...
If you want people to respect you, you're just going to have to use a different character. I've temporarily dropped Sackboy until he gets a nerf or the whining stops. I've been using other characters and still winning just as often. It seems like you're desperate to prove you're good even though you use Sackboy, use someone else if you want to drive that point home.

I think that this is the best bet.
Somtimes i go to dog parks even though i dont have a dog. I bring a leash though and i wear a very shifty look. =I
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It's not much of an accomplishment if you're good with a character with a general consensus of god tier. He'll probably get nerfed though.
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I love watching your Sackboy play. It's inspiring. In fact, I want to play you on PSN and learn from you. It's good to see you trying to develop your main's metagame, unlike people with other characters who never hit Practice and just cry about nerfing. Don't listen to people who say to drop Sackboy. Continue making the character better so maybe other character users will actually do the same. Keep it up, bro.

Oh yeah, forgot the rating. 9/10.
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