This game problem was the bad roster and the lack of advertisement

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This game is a new franchise and is NOT Marvel Vs Crapcom 3, where both sides (specially Marvel) had the luxury of fill the roster with crappy nobodies in order to advertise "coming soon" movies, games, cartoons or series like the Avengers, because at the end everyone wanted to play as few interesting characters like Wesker, Nemesis, Amaterasu, Dormammu, PW, etc...)

(Seriously who asked for Captain Failcon aka Iron Fist or Nova or Raccoon or Felicia or C. Viper when we wanted Megaman, Cyclops, Gambit, Juggernaut, Apocalypse, Thanos, M. Bison, Juri or Psylocke)

But Super Bot (and I understand these are in most part 3rd party characters and Super Bot donīt own the rights) managed to get a pretty bad roster here if you ask me and a very bad job at advertising it.

-The Dante version nobody wants and even most people hate
-Raiden that is basically "The other guy that is NOT Snake" for a lot of people
-No Crash Bandicoot or Spyro is fail
-Except for Parappa and Sir Dan they basically ignored the PSX era and the several characters and IPīs from Sony that a lot of people loves.
-Not a single Final Fantasy (or any RPG rep) or Resident Evil rep.
-2 Coles... is oevrkill
-Big Daddy which in the mind of many PS3 only users he is that "Scubba guy from that game on Xbox 360"

Copy Rights and intellectual property are a BIG PROBLEM and that is why an "official" version of any party or cross over game with a MUGEN like roster will never exist.

IMO Sony have enough franchises to do a pretty good game like this and I say they should do a 100% exclusive game with PS ONLY characters so they give the middle fingers to companies who want to charge for the use of their crappy characters, because somebody needs to do it already.

"Super Bot: Oh you donīt give us Snake? Guess what go eff yourself nobody wants to play as that crappy ninja"

"Super Bot: Oh you give us Twilight Dante? Well too bad because we areīt collecting garbage here, real Dante or GTFO"

Tl;dr: But remember before you want to make a cake... be sure you have enough eggs and milk and fluor, because at the end the perople who will eat the cake wonīt care if you tried your best to get eggs and couldnīt, if your cake tastes bad they wonīt buy it.
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This game problem was the bad topics and lack of intellegence
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Yeah, sure, okay whatever.
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I don't think the roster is bad at all. People are simply comparing it to the treasure trove of characters that Nintendo incorporated into Smash. And ANY roster compared to Smash is going to look bad, especially when the game in question was inspired by the former.

On it's own, PSASBR has a good launch roster (minus the whole 2 Cole thing). And that's another thing. This is only the LAUNCH roster. We still have (hopefully) a bunch of characters that still need to be put in the game. Sure, Sony doesn't have too many well known characters like Nintendo does, but for what it's worth, the roster could have been much worse.

Oh, and Raiden and Dante are probably two of the most used characters, so you're wrong there.

Okay, rant over. Carry on.
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This is new.
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iPersona posted...
Oh, and Raiden and Dante are probably two of the most used characters, so you're wrong there.

a lot of people played with Fat Bob in T6 because he was high tier, not because they liked the character, it happens in all games and it happens in this one too.

Raiden and Dante are fast and combo oriented characters that is why people play them, if Fat princes were top tier you will have these same people playing as her, your point have no relevance.
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Cosmic_Coyote posted...
Tl;dr: But remember before you want to make a cake...

CAKE ! ! ! !

*runs toward opening post taking out every post in between*
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The problem is the ass character balancing, uninspired presentation, and the annoying bugs and glitches.
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This battlefield will do.
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