why did they nerf sackboy but leave kratos?

#41Elements012894Posted 12/1/2012 2:12:48 AM
Kratos seems pretty deadly. His only issues is his supers aren't as great as other characters. But he has a ton of great moves, and crazy range.

His standard square spam has incredible recovery for the knockback, range and meter gain, and has a ton of very easy and strong combos. Unless I'm missing something about him I'd say he's easily one of the better characters.

Considering the game is mainly meant to be played in groups it makes him all the stronger.
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#42_tanjil_Posted 12/1/2012 2:20:55 AM
kratos is annoying but his supers all being dodgable makes up for it. His level 3 is easier to avoid than... Radecs for example.

But the rate he gains meter is kinda dumb, and his ability to prevent others from gaining meter and his ability to knock so many people out of their level 1's is a massive bonus.

The worst is that homing attack. 1v1 is no big deal, but the real use of it is to pull yourself in to another fight. The range on that move is disgusting, looks like it practically goes as far as Sly's level 1. Distance plus homing, that move is just too stupid. But I guess they were trying to emulate the GoW series. Easy Button Mash, with an enjoyable story if you're into greek mythology.