I'm a Jak player but I need some tips.

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I just find it kind of hard to gain meter for the lvl 3.

dont go for his level 3. learn to land the level 1 and 2. easiest way to land them is after a hard knockdown into the corner.

Only for 1v1 or in dojo. 2v2 or stock it becomes valuable. While its cool to do his other supers, you won't always have that luxury of getting someone in a corner.

If you like to play the machine gun game defensively, you will win a whole lot more matches than having a huge chance of missing your lvl 1 & 2 supers and hurting yourself or team.

Forgot to mention in other post to use his nuetral circle whenever possible.

the only time I ever go for my level 3 is on the dojo. Last time I played on dojo with 4 people (was a 2v2) I got 10 kills and 1 death. I saved up for my level 3, got 4 kills with it, then proceeded to get 2 double kills in a row off my level 1, then 2 more individual kills with my level 1.
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