characters that need a big nerf

#31sworderPosted 12/1/2012 10:15:18 PM
stop whining ffs

no one needs a nerf
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i only pointed out the game breaking stuff though. sweet tooths level 1 seems broken because ive interupted it and flied off the screen just because he hit me with half of an animation so i listed it. i pointed out drakes lvl1 is far too powerful and the barrels are ridiculous. i also pointed out st's level 2 sucks just to be fair so ppl dont say hey sweet tooths average stop complaining. moreover dante's chain combos are indeed broken. lastly i pointed out that slys lvl1 needs to be tweaked and someone posted about the already fallen hippo killing them cause he touched his ear, so yes thats broken. sure we can get better if they remove broken mechanics. i can see how it would just be whining if i was like wow this sly beat me by spamming forward triangle damn spammer, but im not saying that at all, im saying that his level 1 is killing things that should not be killed that is a completely legit complaint.