Heihachi trial 16

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4 years ago#1
I have completed all the trials for my mains but Heihachi trial 16... Holy ****! I have never ragged so hard and I still cant beat it. If it was 2min I could do it I always get to 7-8 kills and then DEFEAT!!!! DEFEAT my hairy ball sack!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha I actually got so mad i almost ran outside my apt and punch this kid making noise! Seriously HOW! The best thing I can come up with is his down O then square but even then its hard. Its all random! Im so mad im jaded and will punch my grandma. If I hear DEFEAT again I will eat an ordainment off my Christmas tree. Anyone beat it? ANYONE??? BUELLER? BUELLER?
http://youtu.be/tNW3ItQOd7c <--- haha
4 years ago#2
Is this the level 1 mastery? If so, they're pretty much the hardest trial for many characters.
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4 years ago#3
Mother of nipples!!! I managed to do it with my other mains but Heihachi is just brutal! I mean so unforgiving. I was screaming what the tit as loud as i could over and over. I need to beat it
http://youtu.be/tNW3ItQOd7c <--- haha

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