If a game was the REASON you bough a sony gaming system, then it should

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Lol thats an honest mistake. Now go look at your OP and come back and correct my grammar hahaha.

I'm not not trying to flame or anything because I actually like you as another poster, I just found it a little funny how you made a grammar mistake while commenting on his. XD if it was at any other point in time it would've been ok, but it had to be right then.

IKR. And I actually know the difference lol. Add me? We should play.


I actually played with you the other day in Chzrm's group I think, I was the Toro who was just messing around and using the nap lol. But yeah, I'll add you in a few minutes when I get on.
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inb4 "Dante, Raiden and Hehachi are PS3"

inb4 "Only the designs".
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