Who'd Fit? Tomba, Klonoa, Spyro, Lara Croft, Megaman, Dart, Cloud

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Dark1422 posted...
This poll doesn't surprise me one bit


Kinda expected that Cloud would get more votes.
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Ghostscore posted...
Lara Croft, if any character on that list would be a playstation iconic, it would be Lara, not Cloud considering FF was at first a game released on nintendo.

Also, if you consider FF characters i'd rather go for Squall, his attacks seem to make more sense in a game like this. but thats my opinion.

Yea because she would have such a amazing moveset ...... No, she was popular because of big breasts and panned to the female audience (hardly) Lara's iconicness shouldn't even exsist.
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Whaooo that's more love for Tomba than I expected lol
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Klonoa ;3;
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mew2ds posted...
Megaman, but X would make more sense...

i vote Volnutt. :)