People here seem to think they could do a better job designing this game

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^^ Interesting thoughts. I like your ideas.

What kinds of modes would you recommend? I do agree, the modes in this game were lacking somewhat.

Lots of inspirations can be taken from SSBB:

or the challenge tower in MK9.


- a mode where you're in FPS as Radec or Ratchet and shooting targets would be great.
- add a level editor and using the Play. Create. Share mantra that Sony has been pushing for the past few years to allow platforming gameplay to be added to the game (since the game already does that)
- a mode where you're sidescrolling as Jak and basically playing a shmup.

Small things like that.

All those except level editor is in the game.
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Fans can make more interesting character select screens than Superbot does.

I actually like the character selection screen for this game.
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All those except level editor is in the game.

Not really.
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