Why no single player adventure mode like SSB?

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because this isn't Smash Bros

on a side note, Smash is basically the only fighter to ever have a good story mode like. All the other fighting games that tried it failed


Persona 4 Arena.

Dammit, beat me to it.
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Anyway guys quit trying to dissect video games. Every piece is important; the story, the gameplay, graphics to an extent.

It's ALL important.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say the last few pages! XD Gotta love GameFAQs, the arguments always go in circles. =P
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A story is not important to fighting games, platformers, racing games or action RPGs/MMOs and never will be.

I can't believe I'm even having this argument.
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A story is not important to fighting games, platformers, racing games or action RPGs/MMOs and never will be.

I can't believe I'm even having this argument.

This is pretty true except for platformers and action rpgs. I'm not saying all games need a good story. Look at Demons/Dark Souls.

I just think ALL games need something engrossing to keep the players locked in.
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If by Story mode you mean subspace emissary, then no, you didn't just unlock characters in that mode. Single player mode, and just logging in time in vs. mode unlocked characters too. I should know cause I didn't play that subspace mode nearly as much as the other modes. Don't just make up stuff.

Where did i make stuff up? That is the quickest way to unlock them. As much as i wanted to play 300 versus matches to get Sonic (which i only played about 50 before i was bored with the game completely), the SE is the quickest and easiest way to unlock him, and the rest of the characters, and that is how i unlocked all of them (who knew people played the game differently then you!).

I disagree, playing 300 games would be quicker for me, since subspace is kinda boring and would take much longer for me to complete due to the unwillingness to play. And your last sentence, well the parenthesis is my point. The story mode was not the only way to unlock people. Most people I know unlocked them from just playing the game. if you couldn't play more than 50 games without getting bored, you bought the wrong game.

Most people you know didn't play the story mode ever? That's weird, no one i knew who bought it on release day didn't play SE. And i know i bought the wrong game, because it was a horrible one, that didn't even come close to matching melee.