What are Kratos and Raiden's "broken" moves?

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User Info: BMSirius

4 years ago#11
I just tried out the Raiden combo Webs showed, and used it and other advice from Web and NewVirtue and others and just discovered at least 3 ways to combo into his Lv1 Super and 2 ways to segway into a high-AP combo. It was very easy. I understand a bit more now that he is not only deadly due to ease of use, but also how easy it is for him to kill.

Also, am I correct in understanding that Raiden's Down Throw is a unique throw that does not generate AP orbs, but as a trade-off always deals 30 AP in damage? That's crazy awesome. I wonder if any other throws have similar effects...

EDIT:: Dear lord, MMG is right about Raiden's Lv2. I never bothered pressing Circle because Square and Triangle did the same move so I assume Circle did it too, but Circle re-creates the AoE... yuck...

As for Kratos, I have lost to him many times, but I cannot recall if it was due to his Forward Square. I have used it in combat and it's basically guaranteed to connect and knock the opponent away, which is really cool, but I am not sure if it has been my own downfall in the past. Now that I've played as him I should be able to recognize that more when next I go online.

I enjoy using a large range of a character's moveset, when possible. Sure, there are always better/best moves, but the other moves can really throw people for a loop. In regards to Kratos, I like his Neutral Triangle a lot, especially to destroy ground obstacles like mines. I like to use the Forward Triangle spear charge as an alternate way to close distance over his Forward Square, and I am quite fond of his aerial cestus (Up Triangle Air). His aerial hammer (Down Triangle Air) also creates a cool fire blaze that goes forward and hits enemies. Unfortunately his Circle moveset does very little for me... his Counter doesn't combo, I haven't found a good time to use the Bow, the flash has bad lag, and I am still trying to figure out when to use Icarus Wings.
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User Info: vinz2

4 years ago#12
i have yet to enter a game without raiden or kratos~
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