UK Sales 2nd week - PSASBR falls out of the Top 40

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I said it once, and I will say it again. Do you not have anything better to do, Lumi? There's a reason you are on most people's ignore lists.
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#32SlashBoyPosted 12/3/2012 6:44:41 AM
So much for "Those where only 2 days sales" and "VGChartz sucks".

Is sad but Lumi is right, the game didn't sell very well.

But I hope they make a sequel so they can improve some of the shortcomings of this game.
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Wasn't the whole 38 thing, and now not in the top 40 thing, in the UK?, If anything that just means it wouldn't be selling well in the UK, which is only part of the world, IMO, it's total global sales that should actually mean something....
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Flareth posted...
Wait, how is this a troll topic? He was just posting sales... I think it's relevant, especially considering the big argument about them last week.

Its a troll topic because Lumi was doing this like three days after the game was released, calling it a flop. It didn't to flop. He's mad because people like things he doesn't.
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#35lightdragoon88Posted 12/3/2012 6:47:48 AM
SlashBoy posted...
So much for "Those where only 2 days sales" and "VGChartz sucks".

Is sad but Lumi is right, the game didn't sell very well.

But I hope they make a sequel so they can improve some of the shortcomings of this game.

It did sell well.

Just not as good as the big names like Creed and Halo 4, but that is to be expected. For it first outing, it has done really well.

Were we expected it to be number 1 for years to come? I'm sure some did, but it did not flop.
#36Bestia_SomniaPosted 12/3/2012 6:51:42 AM
Even Seth Killian acknowledged that it didn't sell well
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LuminescentRule posted...
From: SorrowsFlame | #004
If you actually look at what games that came out more than a year ago outsold (as well as the new established series that outsold)...and then looked at the recent promotions and console price really isn't surprising at all.

You seem to not know how economics work or pricing strategies. All you focus on is the one specific game and it's performance and completely ignore the rest of the games and WHY they are selling how they are selling.

If you're going to try to argue sales and reasons, at least know what you are talking about first.

Want examples of games that came out more recently? Well:

You're forgetting that over that there's also much more consumers than the average week. On top of that, you're assuming that games from established franchises are supposed to keep selling forever. Not to mention that this game was cheaper than most new releases and received a massive marketing push. There is absolutely no excuse for this game to bomb - except for the fact that the game itself is average.

You're proving my point in that you know nothing about economics/pricing.

This game was actually the same price as other new releases, not lower unless you bought the Vita version. It also had less marketing than ALL of the other major releases this month.

And no...there are the same amount of consumers any week. If anything Black Friday means less sales for PSAS and more for all of the other games because of the promotions and console bundles.
PSAS was competing with the WiiU launch and all of it's games, CoD: BL2, Assassin's Creed 3, Halo 4, and Hitman Absolution mainly. Those are ALL established series with years and years of followers who are guaranteed to spend their money on THOSE games instead of a new IP like PSAS. Add in the 360 promotions that have been going on, and there you have the reason why PSAS released at a poor time and why the sales are what they are.

There are tons of reasons for the game to sell like it did. L2Economics pls.
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oh nooeees!!! now i wont be able to enjoy the game!!!

oh wait i still cant because this doesnt matter to me LOL
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lightdragoon88 posted...
LuminescentRule posted...
From: lightdragoon88 | #003
ylvis posted...
Yeah, where are the "it was only out for one day" posters now!?

Playing the game with the other people who bought the game,which made this game a huge success.

Poor, poor DC attempt. Even Sony couldn't bring themselves to say that they are happy with the sales of this game.

“Sales are right on target with expectations and we are happy with them.

So for you:

Of course they would say that right after the game was released. This is the same company who says they are happy with Vita sales even though they reduce their expectations forecast every quarter.
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Lumi will forever be a virgin.