Describe Kat in 6 words!

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User Info: Mightymega

4 years ago#31
I see kahn has like 5 alts going in one topic once again.
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User Info: BkzUzi

4 years ago#32
Black girl with dyed blond hair.

User Info: rick410xx

4 years ago#33
lol, so many trolls in here.
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User Info: D_Rich_King

4 years ago#34
I love me some ebony chicks.
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User Info: _NeroZero_

4 years ago#35
I Have Justed Used Six Words.
Be kind to people.They're outnumbering you from 8 billion to one.
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(message deleted)

User Info: Trigger_Monkey

4 years ago#37
Her Fanbase Is Perverted And Creepy.
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User Info: Trigger_Monkey

4 years ago#38
TheExiled280 posted...
She is awesome but also this:

Ktimleck posted...
Stop obsessing over this fictional character.

Sir, you are a very good example of a good Gravity Rush fan.
Naughty Bear for Playstation Allstars.

User Info: seabass95

4 years ago#39
Extremely over-discussed and possibly black character.

User Info: Capitan_Kid

4 years ago#40
She is black you ****ing racists

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