Describe Kat in 6 words!

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4 years ago#51
booty butt booty butt booty buttcheeks
4 years ago#52
Boring over rated female lead character

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(message deleted)
4 years ago#54
iPutinWORK posted...
Ktimleck posted...
Stop obsessing over this fictional character.

"Obsessing?" This is literally the first post I have ever made about her, let alone topic. Obsessing? Wow.

More than six words hanky spanky.
She got it, you got it, I got it, we got it.
4 years ago#55
She is one all confused girl.
4 years ago#56
St0ve1 posted...
SmallSpock posted...
Bad character from a mediocre game.

People with these alt accounts sucks.
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4 years ago#57
Kat is amazing and not black.
Lightning is a terrible character. Deal with it.
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4 years ago#58
anime babe only good vita game
4 years ago#59
Game Character I'd like to ......
4 years ago#60
Gravitational chick who is slightly overhyped

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