This game is so unbalanced its crazy. Taking the fun away.

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ITT: People who are new to fighting games.
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Ever considered that you're just bad and can't learn how to cope with it?

nope. since they can't button mash thier way through it the game is broken

I can choose Kratos or Raiden and mash the square button to victory.

Oh really? You must have been facing some newbies then.
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I kinda agree

Fat princess= awful

Fat Princess is actually god tier in 1v1 and is fairly high in 2v2. She's just mid tier or so in FFA because of short range + bad level 3.

Insider15 posted...
Then how's that a imbalance? Dan's level 2's homing has got homing that you can dodge his level 3 far from useless chances are you'll get a few kills with it since you keep enemies in this force field until they're knocked into oblivion

Dan's level 2 has homing but it's hideously slow and easily dodged.

Dan't level 3 is also one of the worst because he has to hold people in that field a long time to kill them. You can easily get one person, but if there's multiple people they can just split up and you can only go after one at a time, ensuring you get 2-3 kills at most.

His super should just kill instantly the moment they're in that bubble. He really needs it as atm he has by far the worst supers in the game.

Raiden was built for combos but I've never played anyone who's actually done this combo into level 1 and I've run into alot of Raiden's but it won't get multikills if it doesn't hit anything if you're over it or just outside it's range,that and I agree that Raiden's AP gain needs too be nerfed

Lol, never? Even the AI does his combos into level 1.
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I think Dan is also the only person who has his mobility hindered in his level 3. That's kinda messed up, when you think about it that way. O_o
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As far as FFA goes, I'd agree (but lol FFA), but if you look at the 2v2 leaderboards 3 of the top 10 players play Fat princess (3rd) Sweet Tooth (5th) and Big Daddy (8th)

Let's just please look at the modes that are supposed to be balanced and skill based, please?
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Terotrous posted...
doraemonllh1989 posted...
I kinda agree

Fat princess= awful

Fat Princess is actually god tier in 1v1 and is fairly high in 2v2. She's just mid tier or so in FFA because of short range + bad level 3.

Wasn't the top of the leaderboard last season a Fat Princess?

You don't need a good level 3 to be good in FFA; spamming a level 1 that you can combo into and which is quite capable of getting multiple kills works just fine.

Short range could be an issue, though; now that people are better at the game, we'll see if FP players still show up at the top.
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what fighting game isn't unbalanced?
for the most part though you can still pick any character and win. sure, some are a little easier to win with, but at least there's no servbot...
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play as nathan drake and just own everyone

I was surprised to learn that Nathan Drake has an honest to god infinite that is incredibly easy to do and will keep you stuck until the IPS kicks in every time, as a gentleman playing Nathan Drake demonstrated to me many times.

PSASBR: Completely and totally balanced forever

How is it an infinite if the IPS kicks you out?
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Yup, it's not an infinite if ISP kicks you out of it. Moreover, it's completely situational. You need your back to the wall. And finally, this game is a 4p game. His partner could knock him out of the infinite even if it was an infinite.
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Lol at people that can't handle people who spam. It's actually really funny to see how many people can't handle such simple attacks. All I have to say is that you guys need to learn how to block. It's on your contoller, you know...L1