Omar on future DLC characters

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"If you're specifically asking if we'll get another character from a [visited] series, I think we will," he said. "I think we'll eventually dig deeper into the catalog and hit some of the older characters eventually."

Because Naughty Dog
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Dart from Legend of Dragoon.
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I just want Card Sagas Wars. Seriously, I'd do anything, just give me Card Sagas Wars. Please.
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Cloud, Spyro, Crash.......... Oh and Dart or whatever his face is.
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While no other DLC has been announced, Kendall said it's a no-brainer. "We'll continue to support the game as long as people show interest, both with characters and levels."

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he said another character from a visited series that means characters from franchises which are already in the game like another character from uncharted, metal gear, ratchet&clank, god of war etc.
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Good to see that there will be more DLC characters other than Kat and Emmett.

This is why I now love Superbot. They do new stuff while at the same time listening to their fans. Other companies would of only done one or the other but Superbot does both.
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If free,why not?if paid?**** you
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Going to be a God of War character, of course.
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