Omar on future DLC characters

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killerdx400 posted...
The fact that Crash isnt in this game in the first place I thought was nuts. Him and Sypro made PS what it is today. Crash is to PS like how Mario is to Nintendo. But ya they need to put him as in DLC. I saw someone saw dart, why not Cloud if you wanna add Final Fantasy Guys, i know we got Dissida but cloud would probbaly be the best guy in the game

I'm sure they would have been higher priority if both of these series hadn't crashed and burned this gen.
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Retroxgamer0 posted...

No. No. No.
God, if you are good and merciful you will NOT allow her to be in this game.

Shor, Mara, Dibella, Kynareth, Akatosh! Please prevent this crime!
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I vote Alucard from SotN or Tomba.
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Blasto is really a wonderful idea. Hell, you could give him a Captain Qwark skin and hit two birds with one stone.

I'd also really like to see Spyro and Crash, their first three games each were my childhood on a disc. Of course I'd love to see some more obscure stuff to like Ari from Okage: Shadow King, now THAT would be an interesting character. Could also be neat to see an Onimusha rep, that game series helped put PS2 on the map.
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